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Stoics – They Who Can Endure Anything in Life

There’s a chance you are having problems lately, or at some point in your life, that you think it was the worst part of your life. It can come in many ways; whether it was a broken heart, betrayals, family problems, financial problems, schools, works, friendships, relationships, or any failures that dragged your mental down. I want to let you know that you are not alone. Just like everybody else that was once had to deal with setbacks, it also came to me.


It was last year; (more…)

IndoneSWAG 2045

Menulis tentang Indonesia adalah satu hal yang tanpa saya sadari sudah berulang kali saya lakukan. Dari tugas bahasa Indonesia SD, esai kompetisi, beberapa naskah pidato, atau sekadar selingan blog. Nyatanya, esai pertama saya adalah tentang kemerdekaan Indonesia, yang saya tulis ketika kelas 4 SD dan masih ada wujudnya sampai sekarang. Esai itu, hingga tulisan-tulisan berikutnya tentang Indonesia semasa saya kuliah, jika dibariskan akan seperti gradasi yang menggambarkan sejauh mana saya memahami dan memaknai Indonesia. (more…)

Things I Just Learned About Artificial Intelligence

I’m aware of the existence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for years. In short, it is an advanced technology that designs computer to mimic the way human brain works. It is able to perceive data the same way we see the world –see surroundings, listen to audio, understand language; then analyze and make a quicker decision than we do.


But for the last decades it was only part of our entertainment –being told in so many movies and books. (more…)


Type: Portrait Design

Technique: Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait

Media: Adobe Illustrator CS6

Steve Jobs

Type: Portrait Design

Technique: Color Range Selection

Media: Adobe Photoshop CS6