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I finished reading this book –Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson 2 months ago, just after Cosmos by Carl Sagan. I’ve been wanting to write something about the perspective that these two books share, but I think it’s already a two-years plan by now, after several tries only ended up just as another draft, piling up and never published. In the meantime, this pandemic lockdown situation gives me extra spare time to use, and I feel bad if I’m not using it to finally post something about this one.

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The Great Hack – A Quick Thought on the Documentary

“You set out to connect people and you are refusing to acknowledge that this same technology is now driving us apart.”

This quote just summed how social media has transformed from a technology to connect people into a weapon to divide society. And this movie telling the story behind it quite well.

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It was Steve Jobs, I remember, who said,
“Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.”

It came to me lately this uneasy feeling that I’m not quite able to explain, even to myself.It’s not necessarily haunting, but it does follow me everywhere. It’s been weeks, if not months, that this feeling has been around: the thought of time when I die. Continue Reading “Eulogy”

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Social Inertia – on How (not) to Change

It seems that everybody nowadays wants to change something.  We can tell that by looking at growing number of startups founded, ‘innovative’ products launched, or initiatives -well, initiated. It’s like literally every day in news we hear new startups being reported, new gadgets being promoted, and new social projects being campaigned -not to mention how many new policies being passed. Continue Reading “Social Inertia – on How (not) to Change”

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Tentang rencana yang masih jadi wacana
Tentang inginnya impian seberhana tapi masih sederhana
Tentang asmarandana karena tak kunjung beranjangsana
Dan tentang ingin bijaksana tapi tetap lenggana

Elah, fana

Cita-cita kala yuwana, jawabnya bagaimana?
Cita-cita dari bijana, kenapa sekarang di dasar bejana?
Karena repot fatamorgana yang ternyata hanya bencana
Karena repot oleh kirana yang ujungnya jadi gulana

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Paradox of Learning

The whole point of this writing is to talk about my experience when I was learning extensively about subjects I’m passionate at, while ignoring the conventional, obligatory campus’ credit system. I’m a social student, yes, but that doesn’t stop me to study computer programming, design, film theory, and variety of other subjects like astrophysics, economy, politics, or even a little about engineering. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make me an expert in those fields, but that’s enough to make me keep wondering of how vast the mystery this universe has, how amazing life and exciting people are, and keep me feel alive (?) Continue Reading “Paradox of Learning”