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Corona & Teman-teman Saya [Thread]

Teman-teman sebaya saya merentang dr mereka yg baru sarjana, kuliah juga, lulus S dua, bekerja/berusaha, juga yg baru membina keluarga.

Buat sebagian besar dari demografi seperti mereka, urusan pandemi Corona ini jadi pukulan sejadi-jadinya.


When I was 9 years old, I stumbled upon a book of my father’s. The title read Samudra Al-Fatihah. The cover was worn out, and I don’t quite remember what made me spent hours reading a chapter from that book. But I remember what I read, because that was my oldest memory, the first time my mind being blown away learning about the grandeur of the universe. I learned about how atomic motions were parallel to the planetary and galactic ones. I learned about the tiniest scale of the micro cosmos, to the remarkable scale of the universe. And eventually, I learned about this way of looking at the cosmos, that put everything in my daily life into perspective.

The Great Hack – A Quick Thought on the Documentary

“You set out to connect people and you are refusing to acknowledge that this same technology is now driving us apart.”

This quote just summed how social media has transformed from a technology to connect people into a weapon to divide society. And this movie telling the story behind it quite well.


Social Inertia – on How (not) to Change

It seems that everybody nowadays wants to change something.  We can tell that by looking at growing number of startups founded, ‘innovative’ products launched, or initiatives -well, initiated. It’s like literally every day in news we hear new startups being reported, new gadgets being promoted, and new social projects being campaigned -not to mention how many new policies being passed. (more…)

Paradox of Learning

The whole point of this writing is to talk about my experience when I was learning extensively about subjects I’m passionate at, while ignoring the conventional, obligatory campus’ credit system. I’m a social student, yes, but that doesn’t stop me to study computer programming, design, film theory, and variety of other subjects like astrophysics, economy, politics, or even a little about engineering. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make me an expert in those fields, but that’s enough to make me keep wondering of how vast the mystery this universe has, how amazing life and exciting people are, and keep me feel alive (?) (more…)

Dunkerque (2017)

It was that moment, when I watched “Interstellar” for the 20th times,
That I realized I didn’t just like to write or to read.
More than that, I’m fascinated with stories.
Tell me stories, and we are best friends.


So, this is the movie I had been waiting for more than a year, and in my case, I think that’s the first time I was impatiently waiting for months for something to come. I told you that I was waiting for three big reveals in 2017, and beside Dan Brown’s Origin and Tesla Model 3, the other one was this Dunkirk (2017) movie, the latest work of Christopher Nolan. You can call me a Chris Nolan fan boy, that’s fine, because what I did at July 21st, 2017 when the movie first came out was what a fan boy would actually do. I literally ran after hitching an ojek to the nearest theater as soon as my work done in the evening, and didn’t catch a breath until I hold one ticket in my hand. (more…)

Why Do We Love

I said it once and I’ll say it again: it’s uneasy for me to talk about this subject, no matter at what emotional state I currently have, in love or heart broken. For me love is an abstract subject which once I dive into and try to write about it, it feels like I was suck into it and can’t resist to continue talking about. It’s like revealing our weakest point, willingly. But how could someone do something willingly if it opens the vulnerability of itself? Doesn’t our evolutionary process lead us to survive and develop the reflexes of defense mechanism, whatever forms it take? I don’t know. And the funny thing is, I am writing about this just after I had a break up from years of relationship. (more…)

Pertanyaan: Blockchain-Based Media, Memungkinkan?

Jika ada teknologi yang akan memiliki pengaruh sebesar internet dalam mengubah budaya masyarakat dalam dua dekade terakhir, itu adalah blockchain. Teknologi ini kini menjadi motor di balik distribusi mata uang digital (cryptocurrency) seperti Bitcoin dan beragam aset digital lainnya. Bahkan dalam perkembangan terakhir, pada bulan Mei Program Pangan Dunia (World Food Programme) PBB menggunakan Ethereum Blockchain untuk mendistribusikan 10.000 bantuan kepada para pengungsi Syiria, dilanjutkan dengan 100.000 bantuan berikutnya ke Yordania pada Agustus 2017.


Secara sederhana, blockchain adalah (more…)

Cerita dari Kepulauan Sula (1) – Ke Sula

Masih 3 minggu yang lalu saya mendarat di kota elok yang dulunya adalah ibukota Nusantara, sebelum pindah ke Batavia. Lalu menumpang kapal selama 14 jam, setengah hari semalam, ke daerah dengan sinyal padam. Setibanya di kabupaten tujuan, kami melanjutkan perjalanan hingga 6 hari ke depan, mengunjungi sekolah-sekolah di bagian pulau tepian. Bertemu pantai terindah dan menahan terik yang membuat tak betah, menghabiskan waktu di tengah laut sampai sinar matahari surut, menyeberangi selat berbahaya yang konon bak segitiga bermuda, bertemu para penggerak yang berbagi cerita bijak, dan merasakan keramahan lokal di balik jalan-jalan terjal. (more…)