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12 Jawaban untuk Kamu yang Merasa Salah Masuk Jurusan

Fenomena (perasaan) salah masuk jurusan adalah hal yang banyak ditemui di sekolah-sekolah dan kampus di banyak tempat. Ketika seseorang merasa bahwa jurusan di mana belajar ia sekarang adalah tempat yang tak cocok untuk memenuhi passion dan bakatnya, banyak hal meresahkan terjadi. Dari mulai sekadar menggerutu dan mengutuki lingkungan, lalu (more…)

Three Instruments to Advance Indonesian Armed Force (TNI) Capacity in Accomplishing Peacekeeping Mission in Syria

To Encourage


120.300 passed away and injured. 6.5 million were displaced.


When I am standing here to deliver my speech, thousands of teenagers out there like me are bleeding because explosion and facing death. When you are listening to my speech, thousands of people out there have to live in emergency tents instead of their home. Kidnapped, robbed, tortured, and even killed. All this is happening as I speak right here, in Syria. (more…)

Independence: Heroes of the Middle Learning

Independence, is when we are free to choose to attend or not in this place, in a responsible manner. When you are in high school, independence, is when we are free to choose between doing the task or not, the study or play, with responsibility. And yes! Independence, is when we freely choose to enter this school or not, in a responsible manner. Then freedom is a dream that each accompanied by a sense of responsibility. (more…)

A Tale of A Beautiful, Great, and Majestic Planet

I have a tale to tell, about a beautiful, great and majestic planet. In the deep of Milky Way galaxy,  where the sun lights, a blue planet is flying in the space. The planet has abundant water and fertile land. The planet has the blue ocean, crystal clear rivers, and the air is so fresh and cool. Diverse plant thrives, dense forests scattered and coloring the planet with green. Fish swimming freely in the flowing rivers, and sometimes jump, and so many other animals living in the forest. (more…)