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On Career Decision

Being confident with our career of choice also means ignoring the noise of others.

In a time when everybody is showing off what they’re doing, it is easy to lose ourselves.

This is a reminder to rethink why we’re doing what we’re doing. Just so we can stay true to ourselves.



Ramadan 2021

“Unexpected, I did tarawih last night and suhoor on board a warship —my final day after 7-days sailing. That will be a story of its own, but I pray for this Ramadan to be a blessed one —where families are happy, and friends are healthy.”


“Really hope this is the last time I read Ramadan & pandemic in the same sentence.”



Ramadan 2020

Feeling uncertain of many things.

The outbreak shows no sign of slowing down. Economic catastrophe. People are losing trust in government. Activists are being silenced.

It’s the month of prayers, and I’m desperately praying for all of these bad things to end.


When Breath Becomes Air

“I don’t believe in the wisdom of children, nor in the wisdom of the old. There is a moment – a cusp, when the sum of gathered experience is worn down by the details of living.”



It was Steve Jobs, I remember, who said, “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.” It came to me lately this uneasy feeling that I’m not quite able to explain, even to myself. It’s not necessarily haunting, but it does follow me everywhere. It’s been weeks, if not months, that this feeling has been around: the thought of time when I die.


Tentang rencana yang masih jadi wacana
Tentang inginnya impian seberhana tapi masih sederhana
Tentang asmarandana karena tak kunjung beranjangsana
Dan tentang ingin bijaksana tapi tetap lenggana

Elah, fana

Cita-cita kala yuwana, jawabnya bagaimana?
Cita-cita dari bijana, kenapa sekarang di dasar bejana?
Karena repot fatamorgana yang ternyata hanya bencana
Karena repot oleh kirana yang ujungnya jadi gulana


From Mars with Love – A Review

So, the other day I had an ‘assignment’ to read this quite popular book called “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. It was a re-read, actually, since I’ve done reading it about two years ago but had to read it again – just because I learned nothing back at the time. The book talks about how I, a man, am profoundly different from women. From our values that are inherently different, the way we cope with stress, to how we express ideas differently. It tends to start a fight between two whenever either one of them insists the other to accept them based on their own perspective.


Why Do We Love

I said it once and I’ll say it again: it’s uneasy for me to talk about this subject, no matter at what emotional state I currently have, in love or heart broken. For me love is an abstract subject which once I dive into and try to write about it, it feels like I was suck into it and can’t resist to continue talking about. It’s like revealing our weakest point, willingly. But how could someone do something willingly if it opens the vulnerability of itself? Doesn’t our evolutionary process lead us to survive and develop the reflexes of defense mechanism, whatever forms it take? I don’t know. And the funny thing is, I am writing about this just after I had a break up from years of relationship. (more…)