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YouTube Shorts Problems [Thread]

YouTube is the last major social media to let go of community-led content recommendation (Trending page) and joining TikTok’s short video format party. Like others, its contents now go fully personalized for the users —us.


Clicking the Shorts tab, we don’t get a list of videos to watch. Instead, we get a video fulfilling the entire screen, automatically played. We no longer get to choose what to consume. We are now being fed —by the algorithm.


It’s a form of losing our agency over what to feed into our mind, surrendering it to a mindless computer to decide what we think & what information we consume.



Ramadan 2021 [Thread]

“Unexpected, I did tarawih last night and suhoor on board a warship —my final day after 7-days sailing. That will be a story of its own, but I pray for this Ramadan to be a blessed one —where families are happy, and friends are healthy.”


“Really hope this is the last time I read Ramadan & pandemic in the same sentence.”



Data Science Fellowship [Thread]

Selama 2 bulan masa lockdown dan #WorkFromHome ini, di samping pekerjaan mengajar, saya menyisihkan waktu untuk untuk belajar data science dengan mengikuti program Fellowship yang diselenggarakan oleh IYKRA.

Saya membuat log belajar mingguan yang saya rupakan dalam tweet-tweet. Berisi cerita apa saja yang saya pelajari, pengalaman-pengalaman praktikum, juga curhat sana-sani. Berikut ini adalah untaian tweet-nya.


Sumber gambar cover: IYKRA


Ramadan 2020 [Thread]

Feeling uncertain of many things.

The outbreak shows no sign of slowing down. Economic catastrophe. People are losing trust in government. Activists are being silenced.

It’s the month of prayers, and I’m desperately praying for all of these bad things to end.


Corona & Teman-teman Saya [Thread]

Teman-teman sebaya saya merentang dr mereka yg baru sarjana, kuliah juga, lulus S dua, bekerja/berusaha, juga yg baru membina keluarga.

Buat sebagian besar dari demografi seperti mereka, urusan pandemi Corona ini jadi pukulan sejadi-jadinya.