Hi! In case you’re wondering: Raihan Kalla is just an anagram of my full name. I make tiny ‘cinematic’ Stories on Instagram (check my highlights!) and curate science & short documentaries on YouTube (check my hand-picked playlists!). I’m also doing research in media studies at University of Indonesia, studying data science, and teaching myself filmmaking. Curious how these interests and hobbies will collide in the future hm.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  • Twitter (@alhrkn) full of ideas
  • Instagram (@alhrkn) full of 15″ kinda cinematic videos/Stories
  • LinkedIn.com (in/alharkan)
  • Facebook (alhrkn) rarely used
  • YouTube (/raihankalla) not a youtuber, but check out my handpicked video recommendations and playlists about sci-tech, movies, social subjects, and more!

I identify myself as a computer & design hobbyist, science & technology enthusiast, while quietly studying music & filmmaking.

My writings revolve around movies, literature, science & technology, and sometimes about social issues.