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Independence: Heroes of the Middle Learning

Independence, is when we are free to choose to attend or not in this place, in a responsible manner. When you are in high school, independence, is when we are free to choose between doing the task or not, the study or play, with responsibility. And yes! Independence, is when we freely choose to enter this school or not, in a responsible manner. Then freedom is a dream that each accompanied by a sense of responsibility.


Not in every freedom we know the figures are always remembered, but in every STRUGGLE freedom, we will always find someone who we refer to as, a HERO. So if you have been struggling to become the champion in the competition which was 2 months ago, you are a hero to yourself and your branch. If one of you guys later came forward to accept the award as a champion of the first semester, and have to fight for it, then you are a hero. And yes, for those of you who have struggled to get to be a part of this school, you are all heroes. Be a hero! Because the country needs heroes.



Indonesia’s independence struggle is no longer about the war to repel the imperialists. This is no longer about the flag, but how the flag can fly proudly among the flags of other countries.


As we all know, is not an independent country as a whole. When most of us pay taxes, others do corruption. As part of our work to catch criminals, others became new ones. When most of us study hard in school, others fraudulently pass. When most of us are getting poorer, others become richer and unstoppable. EVERY PUBLIC SECTOR WE NEED A HERO FOR ALL AGAINST IT! And that’s what has always been, is being, and will be our fights!


But here, we are a small fraction of the people who try to be a hero. We live as part of the education community. If we are not a group that is studying, then we are a group that helps others learn. Now, what can we do:

  • To the teachers, the people who help others learn, you know better about your job. Help us determine how we learn, guide us in the process of learning, and we evaluate the results of our study. You guys are my heroes. And for the students, faculty is our hero.
  • But for us college students, people who are learning, I am reminding you, Tri Dharma University, 3 basic pillars mindset and obligations as a student of the intellectuals of this country:
    • Education

It is our duty to learn, improve the quality of itself, so that we are able to become human resources better, we build in the role of religion, nation and state.

  • Research and Development

This is about our role in developing the scientific and academic knowledge, in order to reach adulthood and contribute to science and civilization.

  • Dedication to the community

While this is something we know already familiar. Once we obtain the expertise of our learning and research, is also our duty to apply the results are tangible in the community. This is what we always called as a, Madani Community Development.



That’s our job description to be a hero for the nation. At the time of this development.


My teacher once told me, that the hero has another meaning, because it says it’s supposed to sound PAHALAWAN. So if we are to fight for a dream, we do not just become a hero who achieve that dream, but also become a Pahalawan.


In the end, as a first step we started this semester, I challenge you! To be a hero.

  • To the students, I challenge you to be a hero, to prove yourselves capable of achieving the target skills and dreams of each of you at this school
  • To the professors, I challenge you to be a hero, by continuing to lead, guide and evaluate us become a better student


But together, we become the people after school is over, we will spread to all corners of Indonesia, or even all over the world. Become heroes in their respective areas, the independence of the community, religion, nation and country!


Congratulations, to the new students, new heroes, who have been part of this fights. This is the time to be a hero!


Thank you.




This script was delivered as a speech at the starting semester ceremony when I was 3rd year college student.