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  • I’m a scholar-journalist. I spend my days researching, writing, and producing news for an international TV channel from Indonesia.
  • My focus of work is on digital media, Internet studies, and science communication.



  • M.Si. in Media Studies —University of Indonesia
  • Certified Data Scientist



  • I watch explanatory & documentary videos a lot —on science, technology, data science, web development, digital marketing, finance, startups; and I curate those videos in this library of YouTube playlists & Twitter thread.
  • I tweet about all the topics above, doing my little part in science communication.
  • I also make short videos on Instagram —check my Stories Highlights.


With that being said, I can help you with:

  • Mobile Videography & Journalism
  • Media Studies Research
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Digital Content Production


💡 Hit me up! or schedule a call.